The Truth Behind Ex Lax Weight Loss

Ex lax laxative is commonly used for relieving constipation in patients and is easily available over the shelf however due to some misconceptions this laxative has started being used as ex lax weight loss drug which is very unhealthy.

The very first reason why it should not be used as a weight loss drug is because it does not function as one. This laxative is designed to work as an anti constipation drug and excess or prolonged use of the laxative may prove to be fatal for the health of any individual.

What is ex lax

The main reason behind associating weight loss with ex lax is that it has the capability of stopping nutrients and fats from being absorbed by the body. Though many laxatives ecarry a feature of preventing bodies from absorbing various different substances however these medicines since not designed for weight loss purposes can carry disastrous results in return of being used as a weight loss medication. Common side effects include dehydration and diarrhea which may in a way reduce weight which is very costly for your health.

Also medically it is explained that not all laxatives have the property of excreting fats and nutrients from the body without being absorbed. The function of absorbing nutrients in the body from the food we consume in done by the small intestines in the digestive system and many laxatives have minimum to no effects at all on this intestine and thus absence of nutrition absorption is not a common laxative featu7re. One factor however is of water retention as these laxatives are centered towards relieving constipation, large amounts of water is excreted from the body and the water weight is lost very quickly. Dependency on the laxative however should never be formed as regular use fosters the natural bowel movement system to seize thus requiring use of prolonged laxative for regular bowel movements creating an abuse situation.

Taking the laxative straight after meals may leave no time for the nutrients to be absorbed and may seem as an effective weight loss method but will ultimately lead to dehydration and malnutrition which leads to possible death. It is explained that even by taking the laxative straight after meals only 10% nutrients are excreted and since bloating is relieved of a flatter tummy is seen which gives the false impression of making a person slim and helping lose weight.

There are many other safe ways to reduce weight including sensible and healthy eating paired with exercising every day. Dieticians and physician can also be consulted to recommend ways of losing weight. It should always be remembered that there is no way through which you can lose weight doing nothing at all on your part. If you are not doing anything the weight even if it is lost will return back in no time at all.

Ex lax weight loss is spelling disaster for your health and should be never be taken up no matter how appealing the results may seem. It is always better to consult a doctor and stay informed on the effects and usage of such laxative before starting its use as a weight loss medication.

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