Side Effects Of Ex Lax

Like any other drug abuse prolonged use of ex lax laxative too comes with its side effects which are clearly mentioned in almost all ex lax reviews however it is also stated that there may be more different types of ex lax side effects faced by varying individuals and so no medications should be taken prior to consulting your doctor.

Ex lax laxative comes in many different forms like as in chewable tablets form, ex lax chocolate, ex lax, ultra, etc and all these various products comes with different active agents centered towards basically relieving of constipation in patients.

Ex lax for constipation

The common symptoms associated with the use of this laxative include conditions of diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramping and discomfort in the abdominal area. Further severe kinds of side effects include inflammation of the kidney, rectal bleeding, tightness feeling in the cheat area, poor functioning of the bowel, severe types of allergic reactions including swelling in various parts of the face such as in the lips, mouth, tongue or on the entire face. Other reaction conditions may also include itching, rashes and hives in different parts of the body along with some difficulty in breathing.

This is again like mentioned before not the complete list of side effects or reactions of the laxative ex lax and so much caution should be taken before using the drug and consulting a doctor should be considered mandatory before starting use of this laxative.

Ex lax chocolate is another laxative product that is used for relieving of constipation purposes. This laxative is however not prescribed to individuals who suffer from diabetes, appendicitis, conditions of stomach blockage or pain, any abnormal reaction that develops through use of senna which is an active ingredient in ex lax. Also individuals who develop reactions to similar medicines, preservatives, dyes especially tartrazine dyes are recommended not to use ex lax chocolate. Further on pregnant and breast feeding mothers are also asked not to use the drug due to its serious side effects in the condition. Also this drug should not be used if the constipation condition is very severe.

Chocolate ex lax side effects include diarrhea, bloating, cramps and feeling of discomfort in the lower stomach area, weakness in muscles, unusual and unexplained fatigue feeling, symptoms of vomiting and nausea, discoloration of the urine and unusual weight loss symptoms.

Though these above mentioned side effects are commonly seen in use of the laxative however none of them require any kind of immediate medical attention as these are common symptoms and persist for a few days and often subside however if they persist for a longer period a doctor should be consulted though self medication or curing the symptoms on your own should be avoided at all costs.

One least common and serious side effect of the product include dependency of ex lax chocolate which is serious matter and should be at all coat avoided and a physician should be immediately consulted in such a situation and this problem alone can lead to many more.

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