Ex Lax Inside Out Information

Ex Lax is a laxative easily available over the shelf and used primarily to treat constipation problems. Some individuals have also used it as a source of weight loss through prolonged use and claim to derive effective results however use of laxatives as a weight loss source pose serious threats to the health of any individual. It is essential that before starting use of this laxative, complete information regarding its effects negative and positive should be known to prevent any serious health hazard in future owing to abuse of this laxative.

Basically used to treat constipation this laxative is a stimulant which contains sennosides and is easily available over the shelf. Some other uncommon reasons where this drug is prescribed include particular disorder of the bowels and use in the preparation of bowel surgery. Though a lot of emphasis has been laid on the very serious side effects of the drugs however still many cases are reported where abuse of this drug seen either for weight loss purposes or for some eating disorders.

This particular laxative functions through stimulating the peristalsis which is the intestinal movements that result in bowel movements along with altering the procedure of bowel water secretion. After 6 to 12 hours of its consumption a bowel movement takes place relieving any constipation that may be present along with producing a feel of fullness and bloating symptoms.

There is a common belief rather a misconception that through use of this particular laxative the absorption of fat is stopped from the diet an individual consumes. This is not only a false thinking rather it is also very harmful for health as it can result in water retention loss which can cause dehydration. There is no evidence at all of ex lax acting as a weight loss supplement in absence of constipation. In our nutrient absorption system the small intestine is responsible for the derivation of all absorption of necessary components from out food and this laxative has no effect at all on it.

Dehydration is not the only side effect faced through prolonged use of the laxative rather other serious types of complications including edema, electrolyte imbalances, Ex Lax rectal bleeding and impaired functioning of the bowel is also experienced.  Further on constant and prolonged use of the drug may also result in dependency on the laxative which is characterized as a condition in which the bowel loses its natural capability to function and consumption of laxative for the proper functioning becomes a must thus leading to a vicious cycle of drug dependency of laxative abuse and withdrawal process.

The only way to avoid any kind of serious negative effects of the laxative is to avoid prolonged use that is it should never be used for weight loss purposes and use should be discourages within a week’s time in other cases as well, Laxative Also if any kind of anal bleeding, stomach pain, Stimulant laxative nausea or vomiting conditions is present the use of the laxative should be immediately stopped. I case of consuming the laxative proper dosage cycle should be followed.


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